Monday, 27 May 2013

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I have to say, I'm quite the sheep when it comes to makeup. Countless praises of a product time after time makes me want it. Seeing how popular it is, I just want a taste of it, and see how great it is. So here is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent. After dabbling with a cheap Ulta3 Loose Powder (which actually isn't extraordinarily cheap considering it retails for $7.95 but I managed to nab for $3) which wasn't all too bad except that the shade I had gotten was too dark, I wanted a translucent pressed powder which would be easier to apply. With a 25% off sale on ASOS a while back, I managed to purchase the famous Stay Matte Pressed Powder for a mere $5.

L-R: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent, Real Techniques Powder Brush

Packaging is simple, cheap plastic with a lid that doesn't stay on too well- this is definitely not travel friendly unless you wrap a rubber band around it to secure it. However I'm not too fussed as I don't travel with pressed powder as I don't tend to become oily throughout the day. I probably just purchased this product for curiosity's sake, however I liked the idea of setting face makeup and mattifying around the upper nose area where my glasses sit, as they tend to slide down.

Even though touted as a translucent powder, the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder appears to have a hint of colour- which will show up if you go super heavy with application (and I mean very heavy!). However with a normal swipe you pick up the perfect amount of product which can be applied very easily and is translucent. This product claims to provide up to 5 hours of natural shine control and to minimise the appearance of pores. This pressed powder definitely mattifies but since I don't have visible pores, I can't comment on the latter.

I love using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder with my Real Techniques Powder Brush which applies the pressed powder like a charm, the softness of the brush is just divine! I'll definitely recommend Real Techniques for anyone who wants to purchase any makeup brushes- their quality is impeccable and are so soft. 

For anyone wanting to try a translucent powder, definitely give the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder a go, seeing as it it very affordable (retailing for $12.95 but is constantly on sale). They do come in a variety of shades but I'd recommend the translucent one for those who are too lazy to select their shade!

Have you tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder? What do you think of it?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My experience at Rare Earth Hair Prahran

I'd never really been someone who splurged on hair cuts or anything hair related really- a quick and cheap $15 cut from a hairdresser who yells across the salon in various Asian languages would be what I settle on once a year. As of late, my flat and lacking in volume hair has been rather boring and I just wanted some volume! What great timing that I was offered a complimentary style-cut and blow wave from Rare Earth Hair Prahran (Melbourne), I was so excited!

How stylish do these chairs look?
After university one day, I popped down to the salon not knowing what to expect. What a huge change from the hair salons I am used to going to! It was beautifully furnished and had a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The staff were extremely friendly and I met the owner Donna and a lovely lady Amy who was going to do my hair that day. On welcoming I was offered a choice of complimentary drinks which I thought was so nice- all the little things count!

 Before we get started, Amy gives me a head, neck and shoulder massage and uses a really calming aromatic oil- I was too relaxed to remember what it smelled like! My hair was washed and treated with AVEDA products which are naturally derived, and smelled amazing- I nearly fell asleep during it all! I haven't felt so pampered before, and definitely very different to my other salon experiences where they would start snipping before you're even sure of what you want!

 I asked for some more volume to my hair and for the length to be shortened- I find that shorter hair suits me better. Amy decided to do a layered hairstyle called the "Rockstar" that she learnt in Italy on me. I was looking forward to seeing the results!

I'm not sure what I am laughing hysterically about in the picture above, but it was nice chatting to Amy and finding out she was from Chicago in the US! A very nice blowdry and a few touch ups later, the whole experience was finished and I was so happy with the result. I have been so used to being so dissatisfied with my hair post haircut (all they want to do at budget places is to get it over and done with so they can move onto their next client!). My hair was so soft afterwards, and it was more bouncy and voluminised- just what I wanted. Unfortunately my "after" pictures at the salon didn't turn out very well, but I do have a picture from last night of my hair. And yes, please excuse that I am on public transport in both the pictures!

 It was such a great experience and I loved every second of it! If you are around Melbourne and want to have a try at Rare Earth Hair, it is in Prahran which is very easy to get to from the city. New clients can take advantage of a $20 voucher to use on their first visit too which is a great offer. After this visit, I don't think I could ever go back to my budget haircuts anymore and nevertheless, I'll be happy to return!

What experiences have you had at hair salons?