Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review: Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil in Stone Gray

The day has come where I have decided to splurge on an eyebrow pencil! I have been in an eyebrow rut for sometime now- I have been trying to find the perfect brow products but I just never seemed to find anything that worked. My Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown was a complete wrong colour match, and this the problem with every other drugstore brow pencil you can name- all the brown shades had a red undertone which looked odd with my hair. A stint with the MUA Brow Kit was also a wrong colour match, as much as I wanted to like the kit. After all this, I decided to look around for more higher end brands- Shiseido was an option but I found their pencils too soft, and Clarins had a great formula but didn't have a colour that worked for me. However when I heard about the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil, I just couldn't resist and now it is in my hands!

Shu Uemura Hard Formula H9 Eyebrow Pencil in Stone Gray
The Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil is unique- the first thing you notice is the strange tip! It is carved into the shape of a Japanese sword, and because of this shape, it makes it so easy and simple to use. The angle is perfect and follows the shape of the brows very well. The only qualm is that it is difficult to sharpen at home (especially because of its hard lead), but the great thing is you can take it into any Shu Uemura counter and they can sharpen it for you free of charge.

Shaped like a Japanese sword
Even though going to a store to get the pencil sharpened may sound like a hassle, the Hard Formula H9 is what it is called- a hard formula. This makes it last so long and it doesn't wear down fast. I have read reviews where people have had their pencil sharpened every 2-3 months, and that is with using it everyday- so it definitely lasts. Just to add as well, this pencil has so much product, and the length of it is 17.5cm which is definitely longer than your regular brow pencils. Another advantage of a hard formula is that you will have a natural looking brow that isn't too dark looking. The special thing about the Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil is that it only releases the colour pigment when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs, so trying to swatch it on bare skin proves to be difficult.

Multiple strokes of the pencil shows up very faint, the formula needs to react with the oils in the brow hairs to work
Bare eyebrows
Filled in with Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil
The results are amazing! The Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil gives such a natural look and Stone Gray 05 is a perfect match for my dark asian hair. Many people find that Seal Brown 02 works for them, but seeing as I don't plan to dye my hair any time soon, I decided that going for the grey shade would suit me better. The brow pencil is smudgeproof and long-lasting unlike all other brow products I have used! I am so pleased with this purchase and even though the initial investment of $34 was a little high, I can see this pencil lasting for more than a year and being a great staple in my makeup collection and I have no need for any other brow product!

What brow products do you use? What do you think of the Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil? 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

The colder months are arriving soon, and even though it means hot chocolates, sitting in front of a fireplace (or in my case, a small electric heater) and snuggling up in bed- the harsh winds and cold weather really plays havoc with your skin. Having dry skin myself that tends to be tight and flaky at times, I really need a solution. I have been in love with rosehip oils since I first tried the Rose-Hip Vital Australian Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil and when it ran out, I decided to try the popular Trilogy rosehip oils. After contemplating whether I should buy the original Certified Organic Rosehip Oil or the advanced formula Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, I decided on the latter. A few extra antioxidants won't hurt after all!

If you are a stranger to rosehip oil, you are missing out on a lot! Rosehip's potent oil is great for scars, stretch marks, ageing and dehydrated skin, and for making skin soft and supple. And for those afraid of an oil clogging up their pores and making them break out- rosehip oil doesn't do this! The Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ , retailing at $29.95, has super antioxidants lycopene and phytosterol in addition to the organic rosehip oil. Trilogy claims that it improves brightening, skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness- phew, what a whole lot of claims! I was quite excited to try this especially after reading all the benefits it will have on my skin.

First thing I noticed was that it didn't have any noticeable scent, which was a surprise as rosehip oil normally has a unique fragrance! After cleansing I usually apply a few drops on my damp skin, in particular the cheeks and chin, a tiny bit on my forehead and neck. I absolutely love it as it instantly makes my dry, tight skin feel moisturised and protected, as well as super soft. I allow the oil to sink into my skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue which is great! I finish my face routine by applying moisturiser and an eye cream on top for extra hydration.

I usually have flaky dry skin but after introducing rosehip oil to my routine it has improved dramatically! In terms of brightening and skintone, I haven't noticed much of a difference, however my skin has definitely been feeling firmer and softer. I think rosehip oil will be great for everyone and is quite inexpensive in comparison to facial serums on the market who offer the same benefits!

My only qualms about the Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ is that the oil sometimes leaks from the dropper, but I think I may have a faulty one as Trilogy has been known for producing great droppers. Besides that, this is an amazing treatment you can use on your face that is organic and free from chemicals, providing hydration and suppleness to the skin. I will happily repurchase this as it has been a life saviour for my skin.

Have you tried rosehip oil before? Which brands have you tried?