Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow

I had always lusted over Benefit's cosmetics- their lovely products encased within eclectic yet pretty packaging always drew my eye. The more I heard and read about Benefit, the more I wanted their gorgeous makeup. But there was just one huge obstacle that stopped me from purchasing anything, and that was its price. Absolutely absurd prices were slapped onto all its makeup instore, which was a huge deterrent (eg. a boxed blush was $52!). However a cousin of mine from the UK was visiting and was able to get some Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows for me, and I am now in possession of three shades "No Pressure", "Skinny Jeans" and "Bronze Have More Fun".

Gorgeous cardboard packaging

The little pots of cream eyeshadow in a sturdy tart-shaped glass topped with a lid that resembles the casing for the "tart" deserves a 5/5 for packaging. I chose these three shades as I thought I would get the most use out of them, and I absolutely love nudes. I avoided the popular shade "Birthday Suit" as I decided that it would not show up well on my skin, and quote Lena from sleepandwater, "it's barely visible and very underwhelming" when on the eyelid.

Clockwise from top left: No Pressure, Bronze Have More Fun, Skinny Jeans

The Creaseless Cream Shadows are Benefit's award winning crease-proof and budge-proof eyeshadows which glide on smoothly, and can be used with the fingertips for a soft wash of colour, or with a brush to build up intensity. The first time I tried these shadows, it was nothing like I had tried before! Its super buttery texture paired with an effortless application definitely makes these my favourite cream eyeshadows- these are heaven in comparison to my Maybelline Bad To The Bronze (despite loving this cream eyeshadow for ages, it has failed me by hardening a little...). The colour payoff was amazing and of the three, I can safely say that No Pressure is my favourite. Bronze Have More Fun disappointed me a little- it felt more greasy than the other two shades, and if you look carefully, its swatch is a little patchy too. I found it a little strange that the different shades could have different textures, but I'm hoping it'll improve the more I use it!

Single swipe L-R: No Pressure, Bronze Have More Fun, Skinny Jeans
Favourite shade!
The Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows are a joy to use and there is no doubt that its pretty packaging contributes to this as well. I highly recommend giving these cream eyeshadows a swatch, I guarantee you will fall in love with its butteriness! Its longevity was amazing, and definitely lives up to its crease-proof and budge-proof claims. If I were to add another one to this collection, I would probably go for My Two Cents, but I might hold off for now. A little off topic, but sorry again for not regularly posting! I have been on a summer placement at a hospital for past few weeks, and in another two weeks time, I am on a rural placement. Hopefully after all this I can get back into blogging again :)

Have you tried Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows before? What is your favourite shade?