Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review: Essie Nail Polish in Secret Affair

I love a good sheer and pale pink/beige polish as I adore the clean look it gives to the nails. Initially I had been eyeing Essie's Ballet Slippers and Imported Bubbly, they are gorgeous! However it must have been a lucky day when I went Myer and they had discontinued Essie nail polishes for $8 (they retail for an absurd $17 here). Here it was when I found Secret Affair and I had to grab it, despite having so many nail polishes which I don't even wear.

Surprisingly this is the first Essie nail polish I own myself! I love its gorgeous packaging, and there is nothing more pretty than the embossed "essie" on its bottle. I would love to have a collection, but seeing as I don't paint my nails often, there really isn't a point... such a shame because they are so beautiful.

Application was easy, and drying time was average. My only qualm was that it started chipping the next day... tut tut, not happy at all. But since Secret Affair is such a pretty subdued shade (this could even be a great shade for weddings and for the office) I think I can forgive it for chipping so quickly. I've been thinking of getting the shade Sand Tropez but I'm not sure how it'll fare on my skintone, but I must refrain as money is getting tight!

Two coats of Essie Secret Affair
Have you tried Essie nail polishes? What is your favourite shade?